Why (And How!) to Prepare for Spin Classes

how to prepare for spin class

Have you been longing to try spin? If so, we can understand why. It’s very affordable compared to equally awesome workouts (like barre and yoga). Classes are available everywhere. And spinning is a lot less intimidating than CrossFit. Before you hit the bikes, use these tips to prepare yourself for the saddle.

Before your first class…


Spinning is intense exercise, so your body needs a source of energy to pull from. While you shouldn’t have a full meal before a class, you should definitely have something small in your system. Different foods effect people differently, so you’ll have to experiment what works well for your body. One of our personal favorites is having a banana before a 5:30 AM spin class and eating an actual breakfast later on in the morning.

Arrive Early

If you have ever been to a group exercise class before, you know it’s always a little awkward when the instructor asks if it’s anyone’s first time. Many times people hate to admit that they’re newbies and hide in the back, trying to copy what everyone else is doing. Don’t be shy in spin class. Instructors are always willing to help new students. Arrive 10 minutes early to your first class so the instructor can help you adjust your bike.

What you should wear…

You don’t need a brand new wardrobe, but these wardrobe tips will help you be comfortable during class:


Long hair, don’t care, right? Well in spin class you might be cursing your locks as you peddle up a gigantic mountain. If you have longer hair, throw it up in a pony tail or a bun so that your hair is off your shoulders.


Leave your old t-shirts at home and treat yourself to an outfit that’s specifically made for working out. Work out clothes are made from breathable fabrics that will wick away your sweat and keep your cooler during class. Also, leave your short-shorts at home. We applaud your confidence to rock booty shorts, but your thighs will be a lot more comfortable (and less chafed) if you opt for biker shorts or leggings.


Next to diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend. Fortunately for your wallet, you don’t need to invest in special spin shoes. Most spin bikes have straps that work with any athletic shoe. If spin is your new obsession, you can absolutely buy a good pair of spin shoes. Spin shoes have little metal pieces on the bottom that you click right into each pedal, making your leg one with your bike. This actually helps make pedaling easier and activates more muscles in your legs.

What you should bring with you…

You’re peddling on a bike for an hour, how much stuff can you possibly need? While your needs will be minimal, you’ll want to bring the following things:


Pro tip: Unless you want to look like a Salvador Dali painting, never go to a spin class with a full face of makeup. Before class, take a makeup wipe from your gym bag and wipe your face clean. This prevent your pores for clogging and save your sweat towel from stains. Yup. That’s right. Sweat towel. You were promised an intense cardio workout and trust us, you’ll get one. Before class is even half over you’ll be dripping with sweat, so we suggest bringing a hand towel from home to blot away the perspiration.

Water Bottle

Spinning is hard work, so it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Drink at least 8 ounces of water before class and bring a bottle or two to class. Sipping on water will help you keep cool and gives your muscles the energy to keep moving.

Seat Cushion

This one is totally optional, but a lot of beginners appreciate the extra cushion of a gel seat cover. You can buy them basically anywhere and they’re relatively inexpensive.


Sometimes you can pull off a workout without hitting the showers, but that’s definitely not the case when you’ve just taken a spin class. We highly recommend you shower immediately after class instead of running errands or heading straight to work.

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