How Often Should You Change Your Workout Routine?

How often should you change your workout routine

For many people, working out is tough to get into. You have to learn how to perform certain exercises, operate machinery, and then you have to find workouts that you enjoy. If you’ve finally gotten into a workout regimen that you find fun, you may want to stick with it forever. The truth is, though, that changing up your workout routine on a semi-regular basis can lead to more fun, effective, and motivating workouts. Here are some indicators that it might be time to switch up your workout routine.

You hit a plateau

Whether it’s weight loss or strength building, you know you’ve hit a plateau when over the course of several weeks or months, nothing you’re doing seems to be working. You may be surprised to learn that your tried and true workout regimen may be the cause of your lack of progress. That’s because once your muscles get too used to a routine, they won’t work as hard, rendering your workout less effective. Mix up your workouts regularly to help avoid plateaus.

Working out becomes a chore

Okay, maybe it was a chore in the first place. But now you dread going to the gym because your workout is boring. Parking yourself on the treadmill for 30 minutes is one of the last things you want to do after an exhausting day. Instead of giving up on your fitness routine completely, try incorporating workouts that you love. This doesn’t have to stop at the four walls of the gym. When it’s nice out, go for a hike with your family or try kayaking with a friend.

Your goals change

You should absolutely consider altering your fitness routine if your fitness goals change. Perhaps your initial fitness goal was to lose weight. If your new fitness goal is to tone up, you’ll need to make sure that your workouts set you up for success. Remember: Goals change and so should your workout routine.

What kind of changes should I make?

Humans are creatures of habit, so changing up a workout routine is easier said than done. Now that we’ve explained why you might want to change up your workout routine, here is some guidance for how to go about doing so.

Increase your workout’s intensity

Fight fire with fire. You don’t have to give up running or lifting weights, you can change up your workout just by changing your approach. If running a 5k becomes a walk in the park, either up your mileage or increase your speed. Can you do 100 bicep curls without breaking a sweat? It’s time to explore a different set of dumbbells. Maybe you just need to swap out some of your favorite workout moves. Whatever it is, remember to increase your workout’s intensity in small increments over a period of time. For example, go from 10 pound dumbbells to 12, or increase your mileage by only half a mile. Too much at too soon can lead to injury.

Schedule a session with a personal trainer

If you like to fly solo at the gym, buddying up with a professional gym-goer may sound a little intimidating. But the truth is, you’re learning the tricks of the trade. Personal trainers are perfect for people who are just learning the ropes of fitness, as well as those who hit plateaus and need a little help getting back on track with their goals. Did you know that every Boost Fitness membership comes with one free personal training session per year? If you’re leery of the cost of weekly personal training sessions, consider a small group training program like boot camp. You’ll have access to a personal trainer, save money, make friends, and hit your goals!

Try a group exercise class

Group fitness classes are perfect when trying to settle into a fitness routine, or for mixing up your current one. At Boost Fitness, we offer several strength and cardio classes that will keep your workouts varied. You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re working out. The best part? You can try a group fitness class for free!


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