Our Favorite Health and Fitness Gifts Under $100

Our Favorite Health and Fitness Gifts Under $100

Health and fitness is on everyone’s radar come the holiday season. Some even include it on their wishlist. Here are some of our favorite health and fitness gifts that won’t be taken the wrong way, like that Bluetooth scale you bought your mom last year.

Gym Bag Beauty Kit

beauty bag

Average Price: Varies depending on contents

For ladies (and gents) who are always on the go, a beauty (or grooming) kit full of the essentials is the perfect way to go from the gym to the office and still look flawless. Going to gym in the morning lets you beat the after work crowds, but there’s often not enough time to stop at home and shower before heading out the door for the day. Save your friend from using hotel shampoo from her last vacation or having to pack and unpack her makeup bag. Put together a bag with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, as well as deluxe size makeup samples. Now she’s be able to get ready in a flash, but she’ll also get to try some cool new products.

Foam Roller

foam roller

Average Price: $15-$45

Whether you’re an avid weight lifter or are simply getting older, we all have aches and pains. Foam rolling once used to be practiced by professional athletes. Now, you’ll catch your Average Joe rolling it out on the gym floor. A foam roller allows you to give yourself a massage. Sure, it feels nice when you’re sore after a workout, but rollers also offer a myriad of other benefits. Avid foam rollers find that it relieves soreness, aids in muscle recovery, and even improves flexibility.

Yoga Mat

yoga mat

Average price: $15-$75

Do you have an aspiring yogi in your life? Or how about someone who loves going to Group Core but needs a little cushion on the gym floor? Yoga mats come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Not sure if your friend already has a mat? It’s not a bad idea to have a few extra laying around. She’ll never miss Group Centergy again if she has a mat ready to go in the car.

New Year’s Resolution Guide

new year's resolution guide

Average Price: FREE!

Getting on track is hard, staying on track is even harder. Help your loved one make their goals a reality by sharing our New Year’s Resolution Guide with them. This guide will educate them on how to create a realistic weight loss plan, the tools they need for success, and how to get back on track after a slip-up. It’s completely free and would make the perfect addition to any of these gifts. Want to go the extra mile? Print the guide out, and have it bound at your local office supply store so that they’ll always have it on hand.

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Vegetable Spiraler

vegetable spiraler

Average Price: $10-$50

Do you know someone who loves to be adventurous in the kitchen but is also trying to cut down on carbs? A vegetable spiraler will inspire pasta night again with noodles made of you name it! Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, beets – the list goes on and on. There are even cookbooks on the market that focus solely on vegetable noodle dishes.

Meal Plan Service

healthy meal plan

Average Price: $89 for the year

If you’ve tuned into the TV, radio, or social media lately, you don’t be surprised that meal services are one of the hottest services on the market. Perfectly portioned, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep make eating well a no-brainer. While you could purchase a few months of Blue Apron or HelloFresh, we stumbled upon a DIY meal plan service that takes customization to the next level. Platejoy takes your preferences and designs breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans plus a shopping list for the ingredients. Does your friend use meal tracking apps like FitBit? Counting calories is easier than ever because Platejoy includes nutritional information for every dish.

Boost Fitness Gift Certificate

boost fitness gift card

Average Price: Varies

Don’t have time to go to the store? Purchase a Boost Fitness gift certificate for your friend or family member. Depending on his or her membership plan, a $100 gift certificate can pay for almost an entire year at Boost. We often offer discounts on our gift cards, so be sure to contact your local Boost Fitness for details.

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