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Moms are busy people. Some spend their days at 9-to-5 jobs. others are full time stay at home moms. Regardless of how your days are spent, most moms come home to the “second shift”, aka more mom responsibilities. Cooking, cleaning, laundry and (even more) childcare can cut into a mom’s personal time, making it difficult to maintain a workout routine. If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you build a busy mom workout routine into your hectic schedule.

Develop a Busy Mom Workout Routine

With so many options to choose from, it can be even more time consuming to commit to a routine than it is to actually get started. A busy mom workout routine should be flexible, and should suit your workout lifestyle. Here are a few options to consider:

The Busy Mom Workout Circuit (30 Minutes)

  1. Start out with full body stretches.
  2. Segue to the track or treadmill for a 10 minute run.
  3. Work your lower body with twelve barbell thruster reps.
  4. Perform six single-leg dumbbell deadlifts per leg.
  5. Transition to the upper body with 10 dumbbell squat and press reps.
  6. Work your core with exercise like Russian twists, spider crawls, and inverted V planks.

Group Fitness Classes

If you need an extra boost of inspiration and motivation, then group fitness classes are for you. Fitness classes immerse people into a motivational environment, and are offered at various times throughout the day so as to fit into peoples’ different schedules.   Some popular fitness classes include: spinning, Zumba, Pilates, yoga, muscle conditioning and kickboxing.

Don’t worry about a group fitness class chewing up your time, either. These busy mom workout classes are an hour each, letting you get in and out of the gym in surprisingly little time. The key difference between group classes and a regular workout is that exercising in a group environment is fun. These classes are upbeat, inspirational and energetic.

Once you pinpoint your ideal workout type, the battle is half won. Make sure to follow through on your choices by protecting your investment in yourself. Here are a few tips to help you stay dedicated to your fitness goals:

Communicate with Your Family:

Make your family aware that you intend on working out at specific times. Even families with the best intentions may forget about your “me” time, so reminders can’t hurt! If they are aware of the days and times when you will be working out, then you can hold yourself accountable to your busy mom workout routine.

In order to help you set expectations with your family, try writing down your workout schedule on a family whiteboard or calendar. If anyone puts up a fuss, let them know you need time  to yourself so you can keep being a great mom, (and that you’ll be home to help with their science fair project in no time).

Bring Your Kids to the Gym:

There is no need for childcare if your teen is willing to work out at the gym. Some gyms– including Boost Fitness– are happy to welcome kids age 14 and over as Guest+ members. This is a win-win solution for moms as well as kids. You can squeeze in a busy mom workout circuit and stop worrying about your teen having too much screen time at the exact same time. Talk about efficiency goals, you busy moms!

If you are live in or near Central Massachusetts, there is likely a Boost Fitness location near you. By signing up for a gym membership, you’ll have a variety of busy mom workout options to choose from at your fingertips.  We’re confident you will love one of them– from our group fitness classes, do dedicated personal training, there’s something for every busy mom at Boost.  Scared to commit but want to check us out? Download your free group fitness class pass today!
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