body weight exercises

Don’t get us wrong: we love body weight exercises! But they tend to get too easy and boring. Are you looking to spice up your workout? Here’s some equipment you’ve probably seen laying around the gym but you’ve been too scared to try.

ab roller for body weight exercises

Ab Roller

Before you’re rolling in compliments of how good your core looks, you’ll have to start using an ab roller. They may be one of the weirdest looking pieces of gym equipment you’ve ever seen, but they’re one of the most effective. Ab rollers target your entire body rather than just your abdominal muscles, like a classic crunch.

resistance bands for body weight exercises

Resistance Bands

If you’ve ever taken a Beyond Bootcamp class, you know that these torture devices oversized rubber bands will leave you feeling like a million bucks the next day. We can’t get enough of the smaller loop bands, which come color-coded based on their strength. Beginners should pick up a yellow or a green. They have the least resistance. Are you trying to get your glutes in gear for summer? Go for blue or black if you’re up for a challenge. Resistance bands not only make exercises harder like side squats, they can also help control your form. Try placing a band just above your knees as you do a glute bridge. They’ll help you maintain proper form and get you the results you want.

trx for body weight exercises

TRX Bands

What are those ropes hanging from the ceiling? An alternate escape route from your workout? Not exactly. TRX bands allow you to do your favorite classic exercises but from a unique angle. Our personal trainers love them because you don’t have to fuss with them. Once you set them to the proper height, similar to adjusting a car seat, you can get started. If an exercise is too simple, all you need to do is shift your feet to make it more challenging. Some of our favorite moves include push ups, squats, and bicep curls.

plyo box for body weight exercises

Plyometrics Box

Plyometric boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure: they shouldn’t be intimidating. Many of our locations offer boxes in various different heights. Beginners, start with a short box, and work your way up. Keep in mind that these aren’t just for box jumps. They’re great for step-ups, tricep dips, or Bulgarian split squat. You truly can get a full body workout with this platform.

medicine ball for body weight exercises

Medicine Ball

While we aren’t quite sure how it got its name, we do know that these heavy playground balls kick your bodyweight exercises up a notch. These can be added to your core workout staples such as Russian twists and leg lifts (hold the ball with straight arms directly above your chest).

For even more of a challenge, you can use them to play with different pushup variations. Try balancing both feet on one to do a pushup, or target just one arm as you place a medicine ball under one hand.

wall ball for body weight exercises

Slam Ball

Think of slam balls as the bloated older cousin of medicine balls. Even the lightest of the bunch should have minimal bounce because they’re filled with sand. Our trainers love to incorporate these into workouts because they’re so versatile.

Had a rough day? Overhead slams will get your heart racing and instantly brighten your mood. Do you need to get in and out of the gym at a break neck speed today?

  • Stand close to an empty wall and squat holding the slam ball near your chest.
  • In one explosive movement, throw the ball as high as possible as you straighten to a standing position.
  • Catch the ball, and lower down into a squat.
  • Repeat for 15 to 20 reps.

battle ropes for body weight exercises

Bonus Equipment for Body Weight Exercises: Battle Ropes

Nothing makes you feel quite like a workout warrior than playing with some battle ropes. Many of Boost Fitness locations have these ropes in the functional training area. Trust us – you can’t miss these gigantic braided ropes if you tried. But we do suggest trying them. They combine cardio with weight training, allowing you to get a well-rounded workout in half the time. Not to mention it keeps your muscles on their toes. Waving the rope isn’t as predictable as using free weights, allowing you to target muscles that aren’t often used.
Do you want to try out these fun gym toys but don’t know what to tackle first? All Boost Fitness members get a complimentary personal training session. Our trainers will help walk you through exercises customized to your personal fitness level. Sign up for your free session below!


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