The Best Types of Fitness Classes to Meet Fitness Goals

different types of fitness classes

You joined a gym for a reason, and it wasn’t to have another bill to pay every month. First things first, determine your goals. Are you beginning a weight loss plan or training to run a 5k?

A group fitness class is one of the best ways to stick to a fitness routine and make these goals a reality.

Below are different types of fitness classes that will help you achieve a particular fitness goal.

Keep in mind that if you love a particular class, it’s not going to distract you from your goal. Don’t worry about mixing up your workouts.

Fitness Goal #1: Total Body Toning

Whether you’re pressed for time or want to tackle your whole body at once, there’s nothing better than strength training classes. If you’re looking for a predictable workout, Group Power has one song dedicated to each muscle group. You’ll target your triceps, biceps, core and more during this hour-long class. Treat your muscles after with a nice stretch in Group Centergy. Many Boost Fitness locations have these two classes back to back to aid in muscle recovery. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, sign up for a 6-week-long small group training class. Choose from TRX, kettlebells, or a classic bootcamp course.

The best part about these classes is that they’re each a total body workout that you can take with you where ever you go. Don’t have time to make it to class today? Now you know how to do a proper deadlift and can do it out on the gym floor.

Fitness Goal #2: Weight Loss

If you’re looking to shed a few excess pounds, try taking at least 2 cardio-centric fitness classes a week. Want to trick yourself into working out? You’ll have so much fun in a Zumba class that you’ll forget that you’re even working out. Beat the boredom of the treadmill with Group Blast, and trade in your stationary bike for Spinning. Are you frustrated by your weight loss plateau? Group Fight, a cardio kickboxing class, will surely help you kick away any roadblocks.

Fitness Goal #3: Tight and Toned Tummy

There’s no such thing as spot reduction, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hammer away at a particular muscle group to achieve the results you want. We’re not saying that doing an hour-long ab workout everyday will get you a 6-pack, but it will give you a much stronger core. Having a strong middle section not only makes you feel more confident during bathing suit season, but it also allows you to have better form during other exercises (e.g. lunges, squats, etc.).

If you’re looking for a tight, toned tummy, we highly recommend giving Group Core and Group Centergy a try. Group Core is a 30-minute workout that focuses not only on your abdominal muscles, but also your obliques and back. Imagine your core muscles as a corset. The stronger they are, the more they suck your middle in.

Fitness Goal #4: Buns of Steel

We’re not sure what started the booty craze, but women can’t get enough of exercises promising to tone their backsides. We’re all on board with this trend! Your lower body is the largest muscle group, and targeting this region allows for some serious calorie burn. Did you know that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest? You better refuel with some protein-packed post-workout snacks.

If you’re looking for sculpted legs and backside, give Group Power a go. Within one hour you’ll find yourself doing dozens upon dozens of weighted squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Don’t forget to throw some cardio into the mix! Spinning is the perfect combination of strength training and cardio. Spinning workouts vary, some are more focused on getting your heart pumping while others crank up the resistance until your glutes are screaming.

Fitness Goal #5: Stress Relief

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be purely physical. In fact, exercise releases endorphins, the happy chemicals in your brain. Instead of taking out your frustrations on your family or eating your feelings, try to squeeze a fitness class or two into your weekly schedule. A Group Centergy class after a long day or first thing on a Saturday morning may be just what your brain needs to set a positive tone for the week. This fusion of power yoga and Pilates will give you a gentle strength workout, as well as a deep stretch. Would you rather throw punches than poses? Take out all of your aggression during a cardio kickboxing class like Group Fight.

Can’t put your finger on which type of fitness class will help you achieve your goal? Try them all. Download your free class pass now!

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