5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Spin into Your Routine

why you should try a spin class

You may have heard a thing or two about spinning, but what’s the hype about? Spin studios are popping up left and right like cupcake bakeries or frozen yogurt shops. Spin classes are popular with every age group and fitness level. Check out these five reasons why spinning has become such a sensation and why you should try out this trendy and effective workout.

1. Positive Atmosphere

Do you ever have those days when you’d rather hide under your blankets than head to the gym? You won’t be feeling this way once you head to your first spin class. One of the main reasons why spin classes are immensely popular is because of the environment they create. Between the upbeat music, positive instructors, and group of people excited to workout, it’s hard to not be motivated. Part of the instructor’s job is to be entertaining, so be prepared to cruise through your workout and forget that you’re even exercising because you’re having so much fun. Remember that spin is an encouraging community. Don’t worry that an instructor will bark at you if you’re not keeping up the pace. Instructors are extremely friendly and helpful. They’ll help you set up your bike before class and we promise they won’t single you out during the ride.

2. It Burns A Lot Of Calories

Not only is spin a fun way to spice up your routine, it’s also a fantastic way to burn some serious calories. Did you know that the average spin class burns between 400 and 600 calories? All while sitting down! Even though you’re incinerating calories, indoor cycling is very gentle on your joints. Cardio exercises on the treadmill and elliptical can be hard on your knees and ankles. Spinning is perfect because you still work your muscles and cardiovascular system, but there’s a lower chance on injury.

3. Perfect For Beginners

Another benefit of spin? The workouts are totally customizable. Classes come in all shapes and sizes, from beginner to advanced. Even if your studio offers a one-size-fits-all class, you go at your own pace, whatever it may be. Remember that you’re in control and you shouldn’t feel self-conscious modifying a workout to suit your fitness level. If your legs burn when climbing a hill, no one will notice if you take off some resistance or choose to sit instead of stand for one interval. The beauty of spin is that you get to listen to your body instead of worrying that you need to keep up with someone else.

4. Full Body Workout

If you’re looking to get stronger and sculpt your legs, you’ve come to the right class. Each song in a spin class consists of different intervals in which you alternate your speed, resistance, and position on the bike. All of this movement adds up to a great full body workout. Pedaling works all of the muscles in your legs, glutes, and abs. We promise that the day after your first spin class, you’ll be discovering muscles you didn’t even know you had.

5. No Skills Necessary

How many times have you wanted to spice up your workout routine, but were scared off because you aren’t coordinated? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only person lacking coordination. (We confess, we are too!) That’s why we love spin. There’s no prerequisites. You don’t need to be able to run an 9 minute mile or be able to bench press 50 pounds. All you need to do is show up and start peddling.

Would you like to give a spin class a try? Download your free class pass to get started.

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