5 Habits of People Who Are Always Fit

habits of people who are always fit

Have you ever met someone who, no matter what, always seems to be in great shape? Do you ever find yourself asking, “How do they do that? Don’t they ever eat cake or brownies? Are they at the gym every single day?” We decided it was time to clue you in on some of their secrets. Follow these five habits and join your friends who are always fit!

1. They Eat Breakfast
Your mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Research from Mayo Clinic has consistently shown that eating a healthy breakfast every morning may help you lose weight, or maintain your current weight by reducing hunger and giving you more energy. Furthermore, skipping breakfast can increase your body’s insulin response, which can increase your fat storage and cause weight gain.

2. They Take Breaks, Timeouts, and Cheat Days
No one can be “on” all day, every day. Perennially fit people understand this, and don’t punish themselves too harshly for partaking in an indulgent snack or skipping the gym. Instead, they allow themselves time to be human and fall off the horse, and call these days their “cheat days.” What’s important here is that allowing oneself a cheat day here and there can prevent you from being too critical of yourself, which may make you just give up altogether. Allowing yourself days off from the gym, and an indulgent snack here or there can help you stay on track longer and reach lasting fitness success.

3. They Set Short-Term Goals
You can’t possibly know how to reach your goals if you haven’t even identified what your goals are. And while it might be a long term goal to say, “I want to loss 100 lbs. and see my abs for the first time in my life,” reaching that goal will take a substantial amount of time, energy, commitment, and willpower. Setting smaller, more attainable goals (like losing 5 lbs. or being able to run for 5 minutes straight without panting) can help lead you to your larger goal are a better way to stay on track.

4. They Keep It Interesting
No one likes to do the same thing over and over again without change. When your workouts turn vanilla, it’s time to take on a new challenge. Try a group fitness class, spinning, taking on a small group exercise challenge, or even Bootcamp. Mix it up and keep yourself on your toes.

5. They Are Kept Accountable
It’s incredibly difficult to eat healthfully or exercise regularly when you are surrounded by people who do the exact opposite. Find a support system—a spouse, a friend, or even a coworker, who will keep you accountable and share your journey with you.

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