Steps to Buy Medicare Supplement Plans

The Medicare supplement polices can help to save the out of the pocket costs. If you plan to buy the Medicare Supplement plans then follow the steps mentioned below.

Are you eligible to buy the Medicare Advantage plans for 2019?

The best time when you should buy the Medicare Supplement plans is when you are in the Medicare supplement enrollment period. This is the time when you will be able to buy any of the plans in your area and you will also not be turned down because of your medical history. But be prepared as the policy has some waiting period.

After this period ends the insurance company could consider your medical history to decide whether or not to sell the medical insurance plan to you. They may turn you down or could also charge you extra in case you have any pre medical condition.

Which policy should you buy?

In most of the states you will come across 10 medical policies and these are also standardized. These cover the out of the pocket Medicare and at different percentages, but not every plan could be present in all the areas and thus you need to find it out and make a purchase accordingly.

The basic plan is the plan A and it offers 100% of Medicare and hospitalization for 365 days. The plan F is the most comprehensive of them.

Understand the Medicare supplements plans pricing

The Medicare plans that offer more coverage also charge a higher premium. The company could also be pricing the policy differently. The company could be checking the age of the applicant and others may not. Also what is your age when you buy the policy is an important factor considered by many companies. The plans could be priced such that it is based on the policyholder’s current age and then it starts to go up.

Make sure that you understand the pricing of the policy before you buy it, this will let you take an informed call.

Buy the Medigap plans

Think what the extent of coverage that you desire is. Also understand what you could expect from the pricing. Make a careful purchase because once you buy the policy you may not be able to switch the plans after the open enrolment period ends.

These steps will help you to purchase the Medigap policy. However, if you still are in a doubt then reach out to a representative who will help you with making the purchase. You could also check out the comparison websites in case of any doubt to make a purchase of the Medigap policy.