In building trust with your Supplement lead, you must apprise him of the urgent need to protect the considerable assets he has built over his lifetime. Educate him so his accumulated wealth over three or four decades does not dissipate on needless expenses such as 20 percent co-pays as required by Medicare. Do not try to convince your Medicare Supplement lead, or get frustrated. Remember, many of these seniors may be better educated than you, and they all definitely have more real world experience. So lead your Medicare Supplement lead to realize that Medicare has tremendous shortcomings and he really needs a plan that takes care of things like co-pays should he become gravely ill.

Many seniors enroll for a Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 at  Then you know that after supplemental insurance is taken care of, educate your Medicare Supplement lead on the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance. As of 2010, over fifteen million American seniors need long term care at a cost that is close to $80,000 per year. Close to 50 percent of the senior population suffers from debilitating diseases such as injuries from accidents, severe arthritis, paralysis from stroke, Spinal Cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. These seniors require long term care, which is quite expensive. You should share these facts with your Medicare Supplement lead and ask him if he realistically would like to spend $80,000 yearly, and whether he has the resources to sustain this care for ten to twenty years or more. If not, your Medicare Supplement lead should seriously consider getting long term care insurance. For example, it is not uncommon to hear stories from seniors who bought their house for say $50,000 thirty years ago, and have seen their property escalate to $500,000 or even over a million.

As an agent, you should wisely choose a Medicare Supplement lead provider who supports you with additional products such as Long Term Care Insurance, Final Expense Insurance, and financial planning options such as Annuities. Also choose a provider that supports you in the field, handles the administrative load reliably, and gives you exclusive leads in the territory of your choice.

Now a day lot people around the country does not have through knowledge about these Medicare supplements. These supplements are used to fill the gap of your Medicare policy. The reason is that your original Medicare policy would not cover your entire medical expenses that you need of.