Eligibility Factors for Humana Medicare Advantage Plan

Eligibility Factors for Humana Medicare Advantage Plan for 2019

Whenever you’re going to get a Medicare Advantage plan you have to clear an eligibility verification process. This process is important to clear for being eligible for any Medicare advantage plan. The insurance company will go through some steps for checking your eligibility. They will suggest you the plan according to your requirement only when you are eligible for the policy. In this article, we discuss the eligibility factors for adapting the Medicare advantage plan.

Check your Enrollment:

For being eligible for the medical advantage plan you have to enroll in both the part A and part B of the original Medicare. This enrollment helps you to clear the eligibility verification for adopting you are desire advantage plan.

Age Eligibility:

The Medicare advantage plan is allotted to the persons that are under the age of 65 or have any disability. When you are having the Medicare advantage plan that includes original Medicare due to the age and disability then you will be eligible for the Medicare advantage plan.

The most eligible age is when you are completed your age of 65 years. Some companies are offering the plans under the age of 65 with no disability but this is quite opposite to the rules of insurance policy.

Coverage Area:

Some plans require you to live in a specific coverage area of the plan. If you are adapting such a plan then you have to stay in the coverage area for being eligible for that plan.

Current Plan:

When you are enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan instead of the original Medicare then you are not eligible for having a Medicare advantage plan. The way of getting a advantage plan in this condition is by dropping off your Medicare advantage plan.

Income Resources:

They will check you are basic income sources for getting knowledge of how much payments you can do yourself. This is also for getting information if you are able to fill the premium of the policy. This income checking will describe you are a financial situation for the company and they will suggest you a good plan according to your income eligibility.


In this way after completing the inquiry of all the eligibility areas you can get your desired Medicare advantage plan easily. The eligibility criteria are an important part to observe when you are planning for purchasing a Medicare advantage plan. Check on your behalf if you are eligible in all the above areas then place the request for getting the advantage plan for your healthcare.